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We are using this page of LINKS to thank some VERY special people and who we feel proud and priviledged to have done business with or for!  These people, (we feel), have proven themselves as HONEST and PROFESSIONAL in their businesses. This is important to us, and we want to pass their names along as a deffinate referal for you!  Should you so choose to contact any of our links listed, please let them know, where you found their site, as well as how highly we speak of them!  Thank you, from the entire family at BCR Horse Transport!

EBONY STAR PAINTS - home of  DREAM ON A DREAM, APHA smky blk tovero & R Galaxy, AQHA Foundation bred Perlino,  owned by Tommy and Janet Alday of Glendale, AZ

BACKTRACK RANCH -  Home of Cooliath - by an own son of Im A Cool Skip!! This terrific bred stallion as well as many high quality, well bred mares/foals for sale, are owned by Tracie Elliot of Pamona Ks.

WORLEYS HAULING- If you need quality hauling from a very caring and personable company contact Mari with Worley's hauling!  The great thing about this gal, is if she can't help you, she will certainly try to get you to someone who can!  Thanks for all your support, kind words and referalls Mari!

Shenanigans Stables - Here are some nice quality horses for sale!

Swezey's Performance Horses - I have bought and hauled for Scott and Jane! They have some fantastic horses for sale! Go check them out!

HORSE TAGS - This is pretty neat way to sell horses! If your big on social events involving horses, and have one to sell, you've GOT to go see how this idea works!!

Double Dilute - Need info on crossing your mare with a double dilute stallion? (perlino/cremello/smky blk)  Check out this site, its got the truth about these buckskin/palomino producing genes! 

EQUINE.COM - We all love this site! It has all your horse shopping needs, horses for sale, tack, trailers, transport, and even some of the novilty needs!

APHA - American Paint Horse Association

AQHA - American Quarter Horse Association

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