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BRAG PAGE, Thanks to our TERRIFIC clients!

Post made by Donna of Piketon Ohio on Hitchhiking Horses:   

This was my very first time I have ever had a horse hauled, and I am very happy to say that our 4 month old filly was transported from Washington Kansas to Piketon Ohio by Michelle Abendroth of BCR Horse Transport.  The filly arrived when Michelle said she would and was in excellent condition when we un-loaded her.  She didn't even look like she had been hauled a long distance!  If you are looking for someone to haul a horse for you, give Michelle a call!  Thanks again, Michelle!

Post made by Lynn from East Coast:

Michelle, your "Thank You" post, to your clients, just proves my theory! You are one of the kindest people I've "met" in a long time! I am so regretful that we were not also on your Ohio/NY trip! I hope at some point we will be able to do business! Your the best of the best! Michelle was willing to pick up for me on last second notice and was very patient while I tried to work out the details. Plans on my end changed many times and she never once got frustrated! Although things didnt work out and she didnt end up doing the trip for me, I'd choose her anytime for her extremely workable attitude! I noticed she is always absent from the controversial posts and I really like that about her! Your a good girl, Michelle and I'd refer you anytime!

Email from Lori Richardson, referencing the purchase of Popper, one of our horses!

Hey, we went and rode Popper this morning and he was great!  I absolutly
love this horse!  Thank you so much.  The whole family stood around and
groomed him after I rode and I cleaned out his feet.  He was a perfect
gentleman!  If you come across another like him my hubby wants one.  He
would like a gelding, arabian, about the same age for around the same money.
Would you keep your eyes open?  You have made me so happy!  I have
always dreamed of having a horse that I could fall in love with and he is the
I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in giving riding lessons?
I just thought I would ask because I really like the way you handle the
horses and you know what your doing.  If not, I understand there is so much
going on in peoples lives these days there is hardly any extra time.  But if you
 would be interested let me know and tell me how much and where and those
 kind of things.  We are looking into getting a trailer so we can take him  places.
 Thanks again!  I will keep you updated if thats OK?
 Lori Richardson

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