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Berry Creek Ranch


Weanlings For Sale
Family Photos
APHA sorrel Tobiano mare
She looks just as good in person!!

BIG STOUT AND PRETTY is what this mare is! She is 15H and 1000#!! She makes big pretty babies.  So far 100% color with solid stallions!  She is by a pt earning race bred stallion and out of a AQHA CHAMP. Producing mare!  This mare has looks, conformation and bloodlines that every tobiano breeder should be looking for!!  Don't miss out! Can sell open or in foal. Stallion in foal to is a OWN SON of IM COOL! (son of Ima Cool Skip!) and a grandson of Mr. Conclusive!! He's a Super halter quality horse that was never shown due to injury. OPEN - $1250  In foal (includes mare care for 30 days and LFG) $1500

Cherry Pie
Fantastic well broke kids mare!

"Pie" is a 16 year old mare and has been a joy for my two girls to ride! She's been gentle and forgiving with all there errors. She's been used mostly as a english lesson horse, but rides easily western as well. She direct reins and is very easy to manage. The kids climb up her side to get in the saddle, and she patiently awaits them. She's 100% sound and  would make any new comer to the horse world happy! She is Priced to sell at $1400. Free delivery to some areas of the country, based on our next trip scheduled. She'll be transported and sold in AZ around the 1st of NOV.. so move fast! :) SOLD UPDATE! Congrats to Margaret, of Iowa,  and her family on the purchase of Cherry for their daughter , on her birthday.  I hope you love her as much as we have!  Keep me posted on her progress.

96' Grade purebred QH Red Roan mare

"Meg" is a fantastic well broke 5 year old mare. She is out of Two AQHA parents but unfortunaly a untimely death of the stallion has left Meg unable to have papers! (No DNA done)... It makes no difference tho, as Meg resembles the ideal QH look with a spectacular hip, great color and quiet mind! She rides out nice on the trail and has spent some time working with cattle.  She was roped off some, but isnt a finished rope horse!  She does turn in on the front and is sound for riding!  Meg is priced to sell at $1500! SOLD UPDATE:  Purchased by two excited sisters in Tx, Deb and Dena, for their family!  They new a great deal on a big horse when they saw one and swooped her up!  Congratulations girls on your new mare!

Miss Josey Linn

Miss Josey Linn - APHA 618379
(Chief Jagabar x Daylite Sugar Bunny)

Email for more info on Josey

APHA Yearling buckskin Tobiano mare.  This filly is 15H now and will be 16+ when mature. She's got a super head/neck, nice big hip and is a fluent mover! She'll show nice Western Pleasure or English!  Priced at $1500  SOLD UPDATE!! Another sale in AZ!! The family that bought Josey says she's the smartest filly ever! She's already grown a full inch since they've gotten her! She loves the cows and has a home for life! Congrats you guys! :) Glad your soo happy with Josey!


92' grade bay mare

Here is your 4-Hers next barrel horse! I have ridden this mare and she'll place in 3-D times. She's not ridden enough to be competitive at a higher level and needs someone to take her and spend more time with her.  She has been roped off of, for 2 years and was well on her way to becoming a finished head horse!  She'll track a cow well, needs more scoring. She is quiet in the box and enters teh arena very willingly!  I'd not put a scared beginner on her although, im sure she'd be fine... I place my 6 year old on her and let her walk/trot the pattern and Sadie does it with no problems.  This mare is priced at $2800 FIRM  SOLD UPDATE!  Congrats on your new mare Michele Denton of NW Missouri! I hope you love my baby as much as I have.  Keep me posted on her progress, and i'd love to keep an update on her barrel racing scores and your times here on my site! So don't hesitate to send them too me!  I know Sadie has a great home with you!

Skits Taffy
84' palomino AQHA mare

Email for more on Taffy

Taffy came to us in very bad condition. Besides being very underwieght, she was also in alot of a pain due to abscess that had developed on her feet.  She has had a vet look her over and the vet feels good about her improving health. We have her on Equine Senior, had her teeth floated, and regular worming schedule. Her coat is starting to shine and she's feeling good enough to trot around again.  This mare needs to find a loving home with a family that will treat her right.  I was told the mare is kid broke, but havn't done anything with her to find out. She stands 14.3H and goes to Leo, SkipperW and has Clabber on her papers. Priced at just $900  SOLD UPDATE!  "Taffy" has found a terrific new home with a family in Ft. Leavenworth Kansas.  She is very much loved by two young KNOWLEDGABLE horse lovers, as well as by their mother!  I will be posting photos of her ever improving condition! Congratulations Ladies! Sure hope it all works out for you and Taffy!

Zan Dry May
2000 AQHA Palomino mare

Big bodied 14.1H palomino mare with Zan Par Bar and Dry Doc on her papers (sires Line) She is in foal to Grulla stud Taykota Dandy (4x Poco Bueno) for 2003. She is broke to ride but is only green. Friendly  mare and can really move! She's all about ability!  Priced at $1500 (2 for 1)  SOLD UPDATE: Congratulations Zane and Mandy Goodwin on your purchase of Zan Dry May! I know you'll enjoy her and her 2003 foal!

MS Shoshoni Mulan - APHA Buckskin Tobiano mare
(Bright Hanky Panky x MS Shoshoni)

"Mulan" is a well started 3 year old 50/50 tobiano mare out of a dunalino overo and by a homozygous bay. This mare stands 15.2H and is absolutly a doll! She's got terrific conformation, babydoll head, big intelligent eyes and great neck and hip!  Bred this mare and get more just like her or use her to enjoy on the trail or in the show ring! She's fancy as fancy gets!  Priced at $3500  SOLD UPDATE: Congratulations to Kathy Raush on the purchase of your two wonderful new babies! Kathy also bought a SkipperW perlino colt along with "Mulan"! Keep us posted on your progress with both horses Kathy!

Jared & Michelle Abendroth
768 E 125th St. Carbondale Ks 66414

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